What I Learned From Ruby Falls

I visited North GA last week with my Grandfather and one of my best friends. First of all, it was absolutely GORGEOUS.

But I was thinking about something on our way to Ruby Falls (the waterfall in the above photo). To get to the falls, you go through nearly a mile of beautiful caves. You see amazing rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites, streams and, of course, the falls. I was in awe of God’s beautiful creation, and that by His grace he allowed us to find the caves so that we can drink in its beauty. But our tour guide kept saying things like “this formation is over 3 million years old!” or “These are still forming, after several million years!” And then the majority of the tourists would respond with oohs and ahs.

And that made me sad.


Because people are willing to credit God’s beautiful handiwork to evolution. They push Him out of the way and say “Look what science did! And aren’t we so smart that we found out how it all works?”

As followers of Jesus, seeing His creation should urge us to worship Him. It shows a tiny bit of His glory and splendor. Even the broken state of the world can serve as a reminder that He will make things new, and that we can hope for a better creation.


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  1. Emory Granddoggy

    Beautiful words about Ruby Falls and Gods creation. You should add a list of your blog titles so the reader can read through them and pick ones they want to read. I want to make sure I don’t miss any. They are all great!
    1. Raid at Lindisfarne – A Short Story
    2. ‘Never Forget’ Snippet #1

    • Thank you 🙂 If you want to find my blog posts, you can click on a category at the bottom of the screen, or go to home and scroll through them, or click on a month at the very very bottom. I could try to add a list though.

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